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ONE PR Studio is a comprehensive public relations company that partners with entertainment companies to deliver strategic and innovative PR programs – global and domestic -- for both digital and traditional entertainment.

ONE PR Studio believes that everyone and every project are distinct—and should be viewed and treated as such. We take the time to truly understand what’s needed and then formulate targeted campaigns and creative events that deliver impactful media awareness and coverage. Working closely with our partners, we conduct extensive research and brainstorming to formulate a clear vision and plan that we execute flawlessly.

ONE PR Studio is made up of highly skilled and seasoned PR professionals who have a true passion for, dedication to, an understanding of the business. We spend the time to research, brainstorm and work with our partners to truly understand and support their needs and create impactful opportunities. Our collective portfolio encompasses the world’s biggest and most successful entertainment properties, and our press relationships and in-depth media knowledge are unrivaled. Whether the project is a videogame launch, corporative initiative, or a blockbuster film, our experience and results speak for themselves.
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